The Idea that large works should only be for large spaces is actually incorrect. Having large artworks in small living spaces makes a feature and can fill the room very nicely, how about instead of wall paper, you paint the wall and put up an oversized piece of art. 
This fills the room and makes the whole space feel welcoming and one is then intertwined into the art work.

I struggled with the concept first, however reading other blogs one said look how advertisers use bus shelters with large bill boards, the underground. It does work. 

This work is 1.6m x 1.4m wide. It really works well in my home, I live with my art for a while to see if it works in a home space, cause ultimately that is where art should live. 

This is for sale, if you want to know the price with shipping get in contact. 
I have just got my first commission from a private buyer in Cape Town South Africa. I will be discussing my process for the commission in my next blog. 

Don't be afraid to buy big even if you have a small home, as long as you have the wall space, my bright work will brighten up your day even during winter. 
As Henri Matisse said, "Art should be like a good armchair in which to rest  from physical fatigue."